Video marketing is an ultimate tool to increase your traffic and it helps you to convert visitors into customers.

Video marketing is an ultimate tool to increase your traffic and it helps you to convert visitors into customers.

It is not a perfect fit for everyone.
The first thing is you have to find out what works for you. Because you
are the only person who knows your audience and your budget.
Rankraze has helped a lot of clients to create engaging videos to
skyrocket their revenue. I have collected all the vital information and
crafted this blog exclusively for you.

Video is a Superpower
Google loves to rank videos more than text content. A good video can
take you to the top of Google SERP. It also improves your SEO.
No other media can engage people like Videos. 64% of buying
decisions are made by customers after watching the product video.
30 Million people visit YouTube every day. People are swarming on
YouTube. You don’t want to lose visitors.

Things to consider whether a Video is the best fit for your business.
How Much Money You Have to Spend?
Less Investment
Creating videos with your Smartphone and sharing it can make it viral. The
investment is very less. But this is not going to work for everyone.

travel blogger can do this. It’s not good for a software demonstration.
Professional Video
A professional video costs you a lot of money. You have to hire a person
who knows to capture best videos. The equipment price is very high
nowadays. Video editing needs a fair share of the amount.

Learn Yourself

You should be ready to get your hands dirty if you are willing to do
everything on your own. Just buy a good camera and start shooting.
Purchase a video editing software and master the art of video editing. It
takes time, but it’s worth investing.

Who Is Your Audience?

Content is the King. Leading marketing experts consider YouTube as
powerful as Television. If your audience is younger, you should try video
campaign first. Video quality plays a huge role in engaging visitors.

Everything can’t be made into a video. A lot of money will go in vain if
you produce boring videos. You should be confident that your product or
service can be translated into a compelling video.

What Kind of Videos Work?

Plenty of options are out there. Here is the list of options that may work for
your brand.

➔ Events
➔ Instructional videos
➔ Product reviews
➔ Interviews
➔ Vlogs (Video Blogs)
➔ Talk shows
➔ Webinars
➔ Testimonials
➔ Game shows
➔ Demonstration videos

Think outside the box and try something unique and ambitious. It may do
wonders for you.

Is Video Marketing Right for You?

Video is a proven technique to boost your business. That’s good news.
But video is not for everyone.

There are factors that influence: Your
audience, Your involvement to create videos regularly and mainly Your
Try and Test video marketing for your brand. Initially, don’t invest in
creating videos by yourself.
Hire a professional who can understand your brand and your audience and
create videos relevantly. See if this work for you.
Who knows? Your brand may become the official sponsor of next IPL
season. That’s the power of Video Marketing.

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